Keeping track of your property values

How much is your home worthWe have a system that we purchased via Top Producer Systems which is associated with The system will assist you as a real estate buyer or seller related to your specific housing values.

If you are a real estate buyer, you will be zip code dependent. If you are a real estate owner, you will be able to monitor your specific home’s address and get the intel directly from the source – the Multiple Listing Service.

This is not some online estimate of value. This is true zip code (for buyers) or property specific monitoring (for seller) within the field that you choose.

You will be able to view, at a glance – the average asking price of properties that are related to yours, or within the zip code you choose (buyers).

You will also see the average sold price – and be able to monitor if it is above the average sold price or under by percentage or points.

View the Average Days on Market at a glance.

You will also be able to monitor the Homes for Sale – obtain any increase in inventory or decrease in inventory to obtain intel whether or not it’s a sellers or buyers real estate market.

View the New listings for sale – the total number of homes for sale and the sold inventory reference to the specific data you enter into our System.

Here is the widget which will serve you well and thanks, as always, for listening to Housing Radio and we are glad to be of service.