don't panic over interest ratesSome are running and screaming, “OMG – interest rates are out of control and going up – buy now!!!!”

Sad – it happens – in an industry like real estate, it seems that everyone has an opinion. Some are very self serving, others have their clients protection at their core in every dealing.

No matter how it works out, you definitely want to seek the advice and consultation of a professional. After you secure your position, it’s at that time you want them to represent you. I’m Connor MacIvor with HousingRadio and REMAX of Santa Clarita.

During our weekly broadcasts on Housing Radio we have seen that our listenership has grown. People listen to our real estate radio shows across multiple platforms. As you can see on the home page of Housing Radio we have the Soundcloud player.

I then syndicate all my radio shows to iTunes and Sitcher Radio. I upload the intel via Camtasia to YouTube

After I do this – I start talking about the real estate housing radio show on all of my social media sites.

Housing Radio is also the location for our own Sellers real estate listings, which gives each of our sellers an edge when it comes to being able to sell in the best possible circumstance, terms and price.

When interest rates increase – everyone(most everyone) starts to shake loose. They want to get their clients moving. Those fence sitters, they want them to start buying and selling real estate.

Do me a huge favor – reach out to your consummate real estate professional before taking the leap. Before jumping into anything. Especially where estate is concerned. You are going to get into trouble if you jump too quickly!

I’m Connor and I’m proud to bring you Housing Radio and all of the intel it provides.

You will be happy to learn we are on the job 24/7 and are always available. Thanks and be safe. Please share us to those who you know needing our full service real estate consultation and representation services.