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Housing Radio home searchThis is everything that is currently on the real estate market for sale. You will miss nothing and I suggest you registering for an account so you can be kept up to date when a listing hits the market for sale fitting your personal needs.

I’m Connor MacIvor with Housing Radio and I’m glad to be of service. BTW, I’m a real full time Realtor. I will not spam you and I will keep your personal and private information in the strictest of custody – MINE!!!

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On this map you are going to see real estate listings that are active, ready to be sold. I have also included those real estate listings that happen to be in escrow, so we can watch and if they meet your needs, fall out of escrow you can have first crack at them when they re-enter the real estate market. You would be surprised how often we get our clients what they want by monitoring “in escrow and under contract” properties.  As they say, “Real Estate Happens…” Call me and I’ll be there for you.  Go back to the home page to contact me…