On today’s Santa Clarita real estate radio show we spoke about a lot of items related to real estate and the procurement and sales of.

During our Real Estate housing show, one of the things we spoke about had to do with hiring a real estate agent who is a friend or one that you have been working with, who’s a friend, then needing to fire them.

Santa Clarita Housing Radio Notes:

  • Here are the show notes from our Housing Radio Broadcast – Enjoy the show and have an Show Notes for Housing Radio Show 2016168awesome Day!
  • Connor T. MacIvor – Local Realtor in Santa Clarita Valley and serving the SCV and Greater Los Angeles Areas with real estate consultation and representation services.
  • 578 listings currently active on the market for sale this Morning when doing the real estate research.
  • The MLS is owned and operated by the Board of Realtors and SCVnest.com has all of the intel.
  • Recent past, real estate listings, active inventory has been in the high 400’s and low 500’s – the change is school’s out and a breaking away with more inventory entering the housing market.
  • Price Changes are apparent with changes from listing price to listing price in the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • If you want this local SCV housing market entering a buyer’s real estate market, we will need to see a doubling of the current real estate inventory.
  • 3.5% interest rates are really awesome. We know some of the best lenders for refinancing and assisting with a new home purchase.
  • Fallout of Escrow – home buyers pulling out because they have changed their mind.
  • Met with a couple of great clients today in my office and spoke with them at Starbucks. They have been working with a few other agents – which are friends. Everyone is playing “topper”. You know Topper don’t you.
  • That guy who has a better story than the one you relayed. In real estate the Topper is the one who is going to tell you that they are better than your current agent.
  • Questions – qualification for a home loan, they had been referred to a real estate lender and wanted to know if I wanted them to work with a lender we know.
  • Of course not, but that will depend on how good their present lender is. If they are not available when I’m available – then that is going to be a problem for you.
  • They will also have to be able to send me documents upon request, and not just during business hours.
  • They need to work late, on weekends, during off hours and on holidays. If your lender is contactable and able to work from the “cloud”, and if they are not taking you by selling you some crazy loan program, then they will be okay.
  • Do your real estate agent have an easy out clause?

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