About Housing Radio

about Housing RadioI’m a Realtor – you probably guessed that.

Back when we started in real estate, which was 1998, I chose a couple of different real estate companies to work with while I cut my teeth on buyer and seller representation.

It did not take long before I decided on working with REMAX of California and Hawaii.

We bought our first home in 1996 and we were taken total advantage of by our real estate agent. (ask me when you meet me and I’ll tell you what happened…)

Santa Clarita Valley is where we call our home and have our real estate business headquartered.

“I’m not going to spin you a tale of how honest and upfront I am.”

Listen to the show, if you think I’m a good fit for you – then contact me and I’ll be of GREAT assistance with all of your real estate needs.

Also, I was a LAPD cop for a long while – if that is not a good fit for you – move along 🙂

REMAX of Santa Clarita CA and REMAX of Valencia are my main two real estate offices. I do branch out with my real estate representation to greater Los Angeles Cities and elsewhere in Southern California.

Just call and I’ll let you know if where you need me to represent you is within my real estate comfort zone.

Now for some Legaleze:
REMAX of Santa Clarita, each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381, 661.284.5429 Connor MacIvor CABRE 01238257