It’s always honoring when I get called Tom Hanks. At least my voice is flattered. This comment came to me via YouTube.

Happy New Year Real Estate peepsThe lady said, “When I close my eyes, I hear Tom Hanks…”

I’m Bald – so I suppose that is why she has to close her eyes 🙂

2016 real estate predictions for the listeners of the Housing Radio where we talked about predictions for real estate in the coming year.

Are we going to get enough inventory to change the real estate market from a seller’s controlled market to a buyer’s controlled market?

What about housing prices – are they going to be going through the roof?

Interest rates and you – what you need to know, I spoke about that as well.

We talked about real estate equity and peak prices – just how far are we from being at the highest prices in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

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Here is a bit about me – Connor MacIvor not Tom Hanks